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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

What is SEO and why does it matter to marketing?

According to Google’s official SEO Starter Guide, the official definition is:

“SEO – Search engine optimization: the process of making your site better for search engines.”

So, what does that mean?

It’s a simple concept; the better your visibility in search engine results, the more likely you are to draw in website visitors and convert them into customers or loyal devotees. With the proper visibility in search engine results, your business has a greater chance of being noticed and attracting potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool designed to help you draw website visitors who could become long-term clients or dedicated followers that keep returning for more.

SEO is a powerful way to get your business website noticed since higher rankings in search engine results pages can mean increased website traffic. It should not be confused with paid search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC). While these are also effective means of raising awareness and boosting website visits, organic search traffic refers to the visitors who come through non-paid exposure on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) such as Google. By leveraging techniques to make your page rank higher without paying ad costs, small businesses like yours can increase their online reach and grow their customer base cost-effectively.

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Some Statistics

Statistics are all over the SEO industry. FinancesOnline recently published 94 SEO statistics for 2023. Here are some of the most interesting:

  • As of 2020, Google still leads the market share in search engines at 91.38%.
  • 70% of business owners say that SEO generates more sales compared to Pay Per Click
  • Around 64% of marketing experts actively spend and invest time in SEO.
  • More than 246 million people will search online at least once a month.
  • Users will consider Google’s autocomplete suggestions 25% of the time.
  • At least 77% of businesses have one or more SEO staff.
  • Around 53% of small businesses have started using SEO services in the last few years.
  • However, only 30% of small businesses have an SEO strategy to enhance their website ranking.
  • Up to 62% of companies have in-house employees to manage their SEO strategy.
  • Consequently, around 77% of those employees work on SEO strategies besides their other responsibilities.
  • B2B enterprises generate twice more revenue from organic search than other channels.
  • Retail and e-commerce companies earn 36.4% of their revenue from organic search through SEO.
  • 55% more site visits are generated by companies with active blogs. (Hubspot, 2020)
  • Marketing professionals prioritizing blogging are 13 times more likely to have positive ROI.

Why it Matters

Blog post length affecting success

Small business SEO services are essential for success in the digital era – increased visibility turns into increased traffic which turns into lead generation and ultimately increased revenue. Additionally, high-quality SEO can help build strong customer relationships and establish trustworthiness as an expert in your field. This culminates into one ultimate goal – growing a successful business by leveraging today’s digital world!

A website ranking higher in search results can be the difference between noticeable or nonexistent visibility. Statistically, gaining placement on page one of search results yields immense rewards, with 40-60% of traffic being designated to the top result alone! Any ranking increase is beneficial; even those past position three still earn 2-3 times more clicks than those business websites that are further down. Search engine optimization services will put your website in a higher position, which equates to greater potential customer reach and profit growth.

Here are 10 reasons why your small business need SEO services to survive in 2023


Organic Search is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Organic traffic is your website’s traffic when someone finds you using a Google search or other search engines.

Businesses can drive trusted organic website traffic through careful content planning, development, and optimization strategies. This type of inbound marketing strategy focuses on creating valuable and quality digital assets which establish your brand as a reliable source for consumers – this is why it’s an invaluable part of any successful online marketing plan. Organic traffic isn’t bought but instead earned through hard work and dedication to delivering high-value experiences that lead directly to more visits from users who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

When capturing leads and converting customers, organic search is undoubtedly one of the most important traffic sources. To maximize this potential and take advantage of SEO opportunities, SEO service providers utilize content marketing strategies such as keyword optimization—a proven method for increasing impressions that can ultimately lead to conversions.


SEO Builds Trust & Credibility – E-A-T Your Words

High search rankings are often seen as indicators of trust and credibility. This is because most people’s searches only require a few pages into Google’s search engine rankings before they find what they’re looking for, so higher-ranked sources are preferable. This means strong SEO performance can give your business an edge when building customers’ confidence in its online presence.

Google is advancing its search engine by introducing a new evaluation system known as E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness). This model is so crucial to good results it appears 135 times in the 2020 Quality Rating Guide, often referenced by SEO services for small businesses – a clear indicator that expertise and trustworthiness are critical components for any content intended to rank higher within its searches. Building an SEO strategy around E-A-T reveals how important these factors have become on today’s web pages!

Creating trust and authority in SEO starts with a small business website that contains consistently high-quality content that is shareable, keyword-rich, and regularly features the views of experts in your field. After ensuring a solid base for your presence, online promotion through social media outlets by citing those you’ve quoted may lead to greater exposure. Utilizing customer reviews will also help develop credibility. Google uses these ratings as an organic search ranking factor, so many SEO companies encourage their clients to request customers leave online reviews.

Consistently showing your authority in the digital space requires more than a one-time effort. However, nothing is quite as crucial as consistently delivering quality content that aligns with your messaging across all of your portals to prove you’re serious about establishing trustworthiness with your target audience. Brand reputation management will ultimately build credibility from Google’s standpoint, too!


SEO is the best way to understand your customer and give them a better user experience

SEO is a powerful tool to boost your online visibility – but it’s also about providing users with an enjoyable, reliable experience. Search engines have intelligent algorithms that can differentiate between helpful websites and those filled only with keywords for the sake of gaining attention. This means utilizing great content and creating functional sites earns you rewards from search engine optimization – improving customer experiences in the process! It’s an intricate combination of link building, content marketing, and leveraging social media, in conjunction with using web design services that produce user-friendly mobile device sites and personalized user experiences. Small business SEO companies will help you optimize your business website and content for your customer experience.

You can uncover key insights into customer behavior by tracking their website interactions. Small business SEO companies like Invite Them Home invest in powerful tools such as Google Analytics and Inspectlet to gain real-time information on page views, time spent per session, bounce rate – even videos of your users! Then use this valuable data to optimize the user experience; better understand what resonates with audiences most and tweak accordingly for maximum impact.


SEO strategies help you stay at the top of the game, especially in a zero-click world

A zero-click search is when someone enters a search on a search engine and doesn’t end up clicking on any of the results. According to a recent zero-click study, about 25% of desktop and 17% of mobile searches end without a click. Many new SERP features (like paid ads, media elements, and featured snippets) have taken over the top results, making clicking on some types of search results unnecessary. This means fewer site visits since searchers find the answers they need within seconds!

It’s a known fact with many marketing agencies and SEO service providers that appearing on Page 1 is key to boosting organic search performance. Fortunately, there are ways of satisfying user queries without having them click any actual links; this is called zero-click searching. For the best results, it’s essential for your small business website to be listed at the top of page one – otherwise your business will miss out!


Local SEO Means Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

With over 46% of Googles searches looking for local information, small businesses must be set up to make the most out of their local presence. Optimizing your business for local SEO is essential in allowing potential customers to find you. Don’t miss out on valuable local business – make sure your small enterprise remains relevant with robust and effective strategies explicitly tailored toward the needs of a localized customer base.

A local marketing strategy is essential if you want your business to succeed. Targeting localized searches and users in the area can help place you ahead of competitors on Google search, so customers are more likely to find – and choose -your company. Top SEO companies will also provide local SEO services to optimize your website for your local audience and give you a competitive edge. At Invite Them Home, our local SEO services have a proven track record for improving our customers’ online visibility with their local audience.


SEO Brings New Opportunities

By partnering with a top SEO service provider like ITH, businesses like yours have fresh possibilities to increase the reach of their brand. It’s a team effort to hone in on what the stakeholders envision and create for it; true success involves becoming part of that vision as well. You can explore these SEO service options through multiple channels – from content creation and social media marketing, all the way up to boosting sales or upping customer service standards.

Together we will unlock the potential of your online marketing campaign by broadening its reach with strategic SEO. Rather than appealing to a specific demographic via PPC or social media marketing, target keywords that will draw in potential leads regardless of where they are in the buying cycle. Our SEO services will take an initial list of keywords you’d like to rank higher and use keyword research tools to expand it further, then leverage competitive research tactics such as identifying who your competitors are and what backlinks they have to build a more effective SEO strategy.



By combining PR and search engine optimization, companies or clients can build awareness with maximum reach. When done correctly, using your presence online for public relations will be more visible than ever before – differentiating yourself from competitors while increasing the visibility of those you represent. Understanding how it integrates into a successful strategy to maximize benefits is essential. Don’t miss out on leveraging Google’s algorithms for improved brand recognition!

Our SEO company will meld SEO techniques into PR messaging to ensure that all avenues for brand awareness are explored and utilized effectively. Expertise in a given sector paired with an expansive network of contacts used to be enough; however, extra steps must now be taken if you want your business/client’s message heard above the din caused by competing small businesses vying for attention. This is where SEO comes in – ensuring online visibility throughout search engine content increases audience engagement exponentially! Understanding these benefits and their limitations will boost any SEO strategy, so it pays off tremendously when to invest time into researching how your SEO efforts will effect your PR.


SEO Offers Quantifiable Results

SEO provides invaluable insight into your website’s performance, allowing you to track conversions, ranking changes and web traffic. Our SEO services utilize professional tools to gain an analysis of user behavior. Powerful platforms such as Google Analytics reveal the buyer journey in great detail – following each page they visited, keyword searches made and any necessary action taken that might have impacted your small business website’s success. With these insights at hand it is possible to refine website SEO strategies for maximum effect.

There are hundreds of metrics that small business SEO companies can track to measure the efficacy of an SEO campaign. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm, but we know which ones are most important to focus on for your business website. Our SEO services will help you establish which metrics are the most critical for small businesses like yours and track those metrics regularly.


SEO is Relatively Cheap and Very Cost-Effective

Search engine optimization can be a cost-effective way to generate leads and create content. Unlike lead generation services or other tools, SEO usually charges per user every month without any additional expense after the piece of content is made – creating unlimited potential for ongoing ROI.

LinkedIn says, “If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to generate interest in your business, even service-based, or small businesses, organic SEO is the way to go, especially if you’re looking for a long-term way to reduce acquisition costs and boost your brand reputation.”

Rather than navigating the often-costly terrain of lead generation services, SEO provides a much more cost-effective tool with continuous returns. Incurring only a one-time fee per user, you can maximize your content creation potential and attract an ongoing flow of leads – all while avoiding additional costs such as hosting expenses.

SEO provides a lasting return on investment, unlike most other marketing approaches. Investing in SEO means you can rest assured that your site’s authority and visibility will continually grow sustainably over the long haul. Additionally, traffic to content published through an optimized search engine strategy will remain consistent for months – or even years!


SEO is Here to Stay

Experts at Forbes agree that SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. To stay ahead of the game, it’s essential to understand how SEO works and make adjustments accordingly. As a business owner or digital marketer, you can’t afford to reject new marketing tactics without doing your due diligence – oversights can lead to long-term losses in search ranking performance which could have otherwise been avoided with proper research. Investing time (or money) into mastering SEO basics is an invaluable asset that should be taken seriously if you want your online presence to thrive today and tomorrow!

With the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, staying ahead of trends is crucial. You must ensure you do everything possible to optimize customer leads – including exploring a reliable SEO strategy. In short: a successful business cannot neglect SEO efforts. When done right, business owners have much to gain from partnering with talented SEO companies like our team at ITH!

FAQ many business owners have for small business SEO companies

How much does SEO cost for businesses?

SEO doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on your business and its needs, there are a variety of cost-effective options for SEO services that can help you achieve success and stay within budget. From keyword research and implementation to technical recommendations and fixes, all these SEO services come bundled into differing packages with varying costs depending on what would most benefit your organization’s goals.

Typically, small-scale SEO pricing packages range between $400-$900 per month. Larger projects can range from $1500-$5000 per month or between $100-$300/hour. Small businesses should expect to invest between $500-$1000 monthly into their SEO budget to see results. At Invite Them Home, we will give you a free consultation to discuss your needs and your budget and come up with an SEO service plan that works for you.

What is the best SEO for small businesses?

For small and local businesses, gaining search engine visibility is essential for remaining competitive. While paid advertising can be a valuable short-term solution to drive highly relevant traffic, investing in organic SEO must also be considered as part of any holistic marketing strategy. However, the complexity of this approach often proves daunting – not only do you need time that most business owners don’t have but it requires expertise, without which hiring an external specialist could become a costly mistake. Balancing these competing pressures while capitalizing on opportunities through effective SEO will undoubtedly remain an enduring challenge today’s ambitious entrepreneurs face.

Ultimately a solid SEO plan starts with a few steps:

  • Set Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Set Up Your Google Business Profile
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Analyze competitors
  • Optimize On-Page Elements
  • Create Content to Connect With Your Customers

Does SEO really work for businesses?

Just take a peek at these stats:

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. (BrightEdge)
  • 0.63% of Google searchers click on results from the second page. (Backlinko)
  • 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. (BrightEdge)
  • 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps. (SparkToro)
  • SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge)
  • 60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc.) is their highest quality source of leads. (HubSpot)
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate. (HubSpot)

Employing a strong SEO strategy is key to driving visibility and establishing your online presence. Ranking well on search engines widens your brand’s reach, exposing you to more prospect audiences who could eventually become devoted fans. To further ensure success, it’s essential that all branded content adheres to strategic messaging guidelines for maximum engagement with potential consumers.

How important is SEO for local businesses?

Local SEO is a powerful tool that can boost your business visibility, even without the presence of an online website. It drives attention to your physical premises and brings in interested clients who are ready for conversion. Moreover, by providing ample information beforehand through SEO you build up trust with potential customers before they arrive at the doorsteps!

Local SEO is a surefire way to get your business seen by more customers. Optimizing for local search results can draw targeted traffic directly to your website – potentially leading to even greater success and revenue! On top of that, an engaging online presence puts your company in the running with other businesses in the area. With consumers relying on reviews when making decisions about where they spend their money, having an optimized site could be just what it takes for them to choose yours over others. Additionally, studying competitors’ approaches through local SEO services provides valuable insight into how you might further diversify and strengthen our tactics.

How can business SEO be improved?

Though we’ve seen how complex search engine optimization really is, SEMRush boils down 11 major steps of a solid SEO plan:

  • Optimize your existing content
  • Structure content to aim for featured snippets
  • Create new content based on low-competition keywords
  • Get backlinks from authority sites
  • Optimize images
  • Track metrics with Google Analytics
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Optimize for on-page SEO factors
  • Decrease load times
  • Improve local SEO
  • Use internal linking

Keeping on top of these recommendations is no easy task, which is why Invite Them Home is here as your friendly SEO service provider to make sure nothing gets overlooked!

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, you can take on SEO for your website if you understand the basic components and are committed to consistently enhancing content and strategy. Nonetheless, time constraints often prevent entrepreneurs from optimizing their sites themselves—in these cases hiring an experienced team of pros is a great way to efficiently leverage search engine optimization results.

Creating an effective SEO plan requires insights from both a technical and creative standpoint – knowledge that can be difficult to obtain. If you’re looking to improve your digital presence, it’s wise to enlist the help of a professional who knows how search engines work; this ensures your website will reach maximum visibility without costly missteps. Don’t wait until online success is out of reach – engaging with an expert on SEO strategies puts you in control of reaching more viewers and growing your business!

Is it worth paying an SEO company?

Investing in an SEO company can be incredibly beneficial for businesses, with Statista research showing that 32% of marketers worldwide report the highest ROI and 41% reporting it offers a medium to high return. Incorporating this powerful marketing strategy into your business plan has been shown time and again to drive significant revenue which far outweighs any costs associated. At Invite Them Home, we offer affordable SEO services for small businesses that will prove to be worth the investment.

Hiring an SEO service is a smart move for businesses looking to maximize their online presence. A quality SEO agency can perform SEO audits to find where your website may fall short. We can then offer content writing services, SEO analysis and other professional services that are out of reach for the average small business owner. Partnering with an SEO service provider like ITH can help with everything from driving more traffic, building external links, keeping up-to-date with algorithm updates, and ensuring website redesigns are optimized for effective search engine results. If you find that time constraints, staff shortages or lack of knowledge in this area become limiting factors, investing in low-cost SEO services like ours could be just what you need to succeed!

Is SEO considered a long-term strategy?

SEO is a long-term strategy that will yield noticeable impacts within the first six months of implementation. The effectiveness of SEO efforts can be appreciated relatively soon after actions are taken. However, it is not an instant fix, and most businesses do not have the funds or bandwidth to optimize all of their content at one time. Also, you will be adding new SEO-optimized content month by month, and your content decisions will be driven by what your early results show. SEO work will build in effectiveness month by month, and your effective content will benefit you for years to come.

How soon will I see results from an SEO campaign?

There are two parts to any SEO program: the SEO strategy and the SEO implementation. When implementing a new SEO strategy, it is normal to spend one to two months analysing your organization, its competitors, and your target personas.

After your custom SEO strategy is in place, it will be implemented. This will be a combination of optimizing existing content and adding new targeted content. Most organizations have the budget to optimize several existing pages and add one or two new pages a month. Depending on the size of your website, it will take a few months to see measurable results overall. However, you will see the newly optimized content ranking for keywords and bringing in new visitors in about three months.

Will I need a new website if I am starting an SEO program?

Generally, you will not need a new website. However, if your existing website’s structure or design contributes to its poor performance, then it is possible that you will need a new website.

About 10 or 20% of our new customers need a new website. Far too often, however, customers build a new website and find that it does not improve its appearance.   Attacking poorly performing content is almost always more effective than rolling out a new website with the same content.

The Bottom Line

SEO is a critical element of any digital marketing strategy, enabling businesses to be easily discovered online. An optimized page caters both for user needs and search engine ranking preferences, driving valuable organic traffic through relevant content that answers the queries made in searches. With this powerful tool on your side, you can maximize visibility within popular search engines – an absolute must-have if you hope to make a lasting impression with visitors!

With customers often relying on online research for their purchase decisions, SEO is essential in ensuring your business remains discoverable. A presence at the top of search engine rankings boosts customer confidence and establishes credibility surrounding your products or services. Additionally, making company information readily available to potential buyers during key moments can help shorten decision-making cycles and maximize ROI from each sale. As such, it’s not surprising that utilizing effective SEO practices is critical for your business web site to see optimal success.

Contact us today and let us show you how our SEO services for small business will invite them to YOUR home!
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