Fighting for search results position is like a football game, with a few differences.  First the “game” is never over, all you can do is try and win this quarter.  Second, the rules keep changing.  Third, your competition never runs out of players to substitute into the game.  And forth, to make it even more of a challenge, you may find that after the quarter you are facing a new opposing team!  It takes great coaching to consistently will the SERP battle.  InviteThemHome is used to the changing rules of the SEO game and we are eager to be on your sideline advising and adjusting your SEO strategy.

To have an effective strategy under these conditions means that you have to know the score and that is a complex task.  Invite Them Home uses tools such as MOZ, SEMrush, and others.  We suggest that it is best  to monitor your SERP position weekly or bi-weekly for best results.  Since changing strategy to counter your competition takes some time to take effect, monitoring less that monthly can get you down in the score for quite a while.  Contact us and we will show you how our SEO process will keep you winning the SERP game.