5 Tips for social media success

Five Tips Barney The Biking Bird taught me about social media Here are 5 Social Media Tips I have learned from managing Barney’s Facebook page. They will help you build a following as well. Building a “Brand” and growing a social media presence takes work...

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How often should you update your content?

This is an important SEO question, and the answer is…. It depends. Updating your website and social media content is always a good thing. Updating for the sake of updating is not a good thing. Here are some guidelines that will help you decide how often and what types of updates are best.

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Web Content Localization

Most websites need to target specific users. Your prospects are likely in a geographic region, or in a specific industry or perhaps both. Your goal is to write your content in a way that attracts the prospects you want. Learn about some ways to improve your search results and target your prime prospects.

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Herb @ InviteThemHome at work doing SEO
Herb Guenther - SEO Strategist