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Who is Herb Guenther, and why would you want to hire him?

I’ve been at this Internet thing for a while.  I created my first web pages in the summer of 1995, I registered my first domains that same summer as well.  (They were free for the asking then, I did miss out on that land rush).  As of 2018, 23 years later, I have seen a lot of changes.  You don’t stay active in a field as dynamic as the WWW without being able to understand and adapt to change.  I will bring my ability to identify and adapt to change to your website’s SEO program.

I have an engineering background.  I studied electrical and computer engineering at MSOE in the 70’s.  While the computer world was a VERY different place then, this training prepared me for tasks that require rigorous analysis.  Effective SEO programs require looking for the correct data, analyzing that data, and then effectively using that data to produce results.  I will apply this same strategy to help you meet the goals you have for your website and other online channels.

I can think outside the box.  Suppose you own a parrot that needs 2 hours of social stimulation a day, and a body that needs 2 hours of exercise a day, but have limited time?  Easy, you combine the two! Facebook page, Barney the Biking Bird When faced with a problem or obstacle I will not limit you to formulaic solutions, but rather will help you identify your challenges, and suggest strategies to overcome them.

I know how to promote. If you haven’t already, please look at Barney’s Facebook page from the link above. As of Jan 2018, he has 12,000 likes on his Facebook page.  Why does he have 12 thousand likes?  Aside from being an uncommon sight, it is for a couple reasons.  I looked at who was interested in Barney’s adventures.  There are a couple audience segments.  I looked at their likes and dislikes and gave them content that they would enjoy.  I gave them a happy well-loved parrot, outdoors interacting with people they can identify with.  This is the same thing you want to do for your prospects (well maybe not the parrot part) and I would love to help you towards that goal.

Can I do it all?  No, I can’t which is why I also work with a couple strategic partners in the marketing and copywriting fields.  This allows each of us to give you the best support as needed.

If my background and methods look like they would work for you, please fill out the form above, or give me a call.  I would appreciate the chance to get to know your goals and see if we can work on them together.