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Promoting your website, product, or brand online…it aint’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts. As David Bowie sang in 1972 “It Ain’t Easy”

The moving parts need an agile SEO strategy. Addressing changes in your digital marketing environment must have your attention and commitment. Your SEO/digital marketing provider must have the skills and commitment you need. Without those skills you will not be as successful as you can be.

Let’s look at some of the moving parts.

Moving part one, your competitors’ actions:

Much as we would appreciate it, your competitors are not standing still. Every day, they are looking at their sales and profits. They have the same goals as you do. Increase their social and community influence. Sell more stuff. Affect how prospects view their organization and its services or products. Shocking as it may seem, they want the same things you want!

It gets even worse! Their customers should be your customers. Their customers should be eating at your restaurant. Their customers should be buying your products and not theirs. Their customers should be engaging your organizations for your services, not theirs. To add insult to injury, they are not content to eat part of your lunch, they want it all.

History is littered with the organizational corpses of those who had the new idea first. There are company graveyards full of enterprises that had a superior product. The living and thriving vanquished the dead by how well they marketed their products. In today’s digital age, that marketing happens online. Your success depends on your SEO, SEM, and social marketing efforts.

Your competitors are aware of these facts as well. Therefore, they are updating and adapting their digital marketing strategies and programs. I have seen the impact of taking a vacation from SEO efforts for a while. The results aren’t pretty. Your digital marketing is like a marathon without a finish line. The prizes go to whoever is in the lead at that moment. To win, you must train and run every day.

Let us keep our eye on your competition and your performance for you. We will help you sharpen your online digital focus and make sure you are always in a position to win the prize.

Moving part two, changes in search engine algorithms:

Search engines frequently adjust their search algorithms. There are many reasons for this. Some have to do with adjusting their results as user search queries change over time. For example, there has been an increase in mobile users.  This leads to more voice-triggered searches. Today’s searches are more likely to be asked as a question, not as a series of search words.

Another reason that search engines change their algorithms is due to SEO specialists. Any SEO or digital marketer worth their salt spends time researching and training. We will immediately exploit that knowledge if we find a way to improve your search placement. This is the key to success in keyword density. Let’s go there! Or it is link building; wow, let’s get some of those and boost away.

Some SEO practitioners like to take advantage of any quirk in search algorithms.  They don’t want to put in the effort needed to fully understand your products and services. They will not research your competitors and prospects.

Search engines take a dim view of any techniques that distort search results. Search engine algorithm changes will go beyond adjusting for these techniques. Often, your content and domain will be “punished” for using them. Here is an interesting article about Googles algorithm changes.  It lists the major changes and the goals of each change.

Your best digital marketing bet is to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Besides knowing their craft they must also understand your needs. This takes time and effort.   But the rewards are success for your digital marketing program. A well-crafted SEO strategy and execution is a force multiplier. It will make each hour and dollar you spend more effective.

Moving part three, your audience:

Ahh those frustrating prospects. They don’t know what they need and how to ask for it. They are distracted by that shiny thing over there. They search from their desktop browser. Sometimes they ask Siri or Google using their voice. They may use the trade names of your competitors or use words or phrases you never thought of.

All these variables make it a challenge to attract the right visitor to the correct resource. As time goes by your audience and the tools they use continue to change.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when addressing your audience is to assume that they are like you. We tend to think about how we would look for an answer to a question. We look at the search words we would use to find your product. This is not an effective strategy.

Your prospects may not be the same age as you are. Fifty percent of them will not be the same gender. Some of them are purchasing agents, some may be maintenance workers. You may have many prospect channels that you must address. Each prospect type will need a targeted presentation.   The words and images that support your message must match your audience.  To succeed you must understand your audience.  You also must know the changing ways they learn about you and your products.

One of the most effective SEO techniques is to adjust, and often expand, your existing digital content. It can be amazing what editing your copy can do for you. But, the edits must be guided by an understanding of your audiences. You must use the words and phrases they use when researching your product or service.

Do you think that your digital content could bring better results? We do and would like to show you how.

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