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If you are a C level executive, or in a marketing or sales role for your organization I have a recommendation for you.  Request and read the free ebook written by Scott Seroka, a leading brand consultant.  His book 19 Ways Your Brand Makes a First Impression describes actionable improvements you can make to your brand in, you guessed it, 19 areas from your website to your delivery and service vehicles.

The book is normally $9.99 at Amazon but right now you can click here to request a free copy.

Still skeptical?  Read the review to decide.  We believe that you will find Scott’s insights helpful

19 Ways Your Brand Makes a First Impression is a practical how-to written by Scott Seroka. Seroka is the Chief Brand Strategist at Seroka Brand Development, a leading brand consulting agency in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  Scott has spent decades helping companies grow their branding and marketing strategies. He has experience working with a broad range of clients, from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

This brief but pithy guide is filled with applicable advice for any company seeking to better their appearance and reputation with potential clients. As per the title, this manual focuses on the importance of a first impression and how to create one that will impress the customer. According to Seroka, a first impression has 19 components. He dedicates a chapter to each one, outlining specific strategies your company can use in each area.

The advice given can be applied to any sized business in any stage of development. Every company in existence would benefit from bettering their image with the public. There are always more details to be considered and improved upon, no matter how long a company has been in business. Seroka addresses all of these details that may not be obvious to the average business owner. However, these details can make a world of difference to a customer and may make or break a relationship.

Seroka uses simple language and itemized lists that are easy to follow and comprehend. If one is short on time, this guide could quickly be skimmed to get a feel for the major concepts being presented. On the other hand, if you dedicate time to study the material in-depth, there is an abundance of information to be learned. Seroka addresses everything from your website to your handshake, each playing an important role in your interaction with a potential customer.

19 Ways Your Brand Makes a First Impression offers simple, logical, and useful advice to its reader. I would recommend that any person involved in customer relations give this guide a peek. Even if you believe you have thought of everything, I can almost guarantee Seroka will have a tidbit of input that you had never considered. The first impression is critical in whether or not you gain or lose a client. Within the pages of this book, you will find strategies your company can use to make a better impression and improve your business.

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