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Know Your Competition

One of the keys to SEO success is to realize and react to the fact that your Search Engine results positioning does not exist in a vacuum.  In the same way that your products, services, and information compete with other organizations, so is your search results position competing with others vying for the same space.  To effectively compete your organization needs to understand both the “Who” and “How” of this competition.  According to Netcraft ( ) there are now over 1.8 billion active web sites.  You probably have from one to five web sites, so to rise in search results position you must not only understand how your consumers search for your organizations content, but also how your competitors compete in the same battle.  Invite Them Home analyses your competition as part of its big picture SEO process.   As your organization and its genre dictate we will evaluate the following to allow you to out compete your competition.
  • Identify a list of competing organizations, they may not be who you think they are, and may not be the same organizations for all search phrases.
  • Identify and track competitor web site authority.
  • Identify and track competitor search phrase results positioning.
  • Expand and adjust your content to address deficiencies in your competing search result positioning.
  • Monitor use of Trade Names and Copyrighted terms in other’s content.
  • Examine your geographic and content localization to effectively compete.
This is often an on-going process as your competitors will not be standing still.  As we work together we actively monitor your competitors and as we see opportunities for you to react to opportunities we will present them to you.  You will then have the option of addressing these opportunities as part of your SEO strategy.
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