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Know Your SEO Position

When you fire up the ol’ GPS to leave on a trip, you would not be very successful if your GPS did not know your present position.  The same holds true for your SEO / SEM journey.  It is not possible to judge the success of your SEO / SEM strategy if you do not know your current “Location”.  There are differences to the GPS analogy though, the main one is that not only do you need to know your location, but you are competing to get to your destination first, or at least in a competitive time.  This means that you also need to know the relative position of your competitors as mentioned HERE.

What data represents your current search marketing position?  Your SEO / SEM position is much more complex than the Google search result position of your three favorite search terms.  We look at the following data among other items to get and accurate and trackable fix on your SEO “Location”.

  • Your results positioning for the most important keywords / phrases
  • Compare your results positioning for those keywords to that of your competitors
  • Analyze differenced in keywords between your content and your competitors
  • Monitor your domain authority
  • Monitor the number and quality of your backlinks
  • Monitor the usability of your site, speed, platform responsiveness, menu effectiveness, etc.
  • “Score” your site for common technical errors that affect your positioning.

The good news, and the bad news, is that you get to rerun your SEO / SEM race every day.  This gives you continuous opportunities to finish well.  However, it also means that you have to keep your site and its content in good shape to compete and be committed to monitoring your success and the effectiveness of your strategy. Invite Them Home will help take this burden off of your shoulders.

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