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Our Process

Keeping It Simple

Effective SEO does not have to be a complicated process.  At Invite Them Home we take a step by step approach.  You will participate in each step and always know what we are doing, and how much it will cost.

Step 1.  Meet and greet, getting to know each other.

Our first step is to get to know one another, and your goals and challenges.  Before we start we ask that you of course give us the URL of your website, and that of three to five of your closest competitors.  Before our first screen share meeting I will set those domains up as campaigns in some of the professional SEO and SEM tools that I use.  It is also very beneficial for you to send a list of search words and phrases that you feel are important to your organization.  The last piece of information that we ask for is your service area.  Does your organization have a national reach, or to you serve a local or regional area?  We use this to correctly track your competitive position.

After we have set up your organization in our SEO tools, we will give the programs a few days to gather information.  This data allows you and I to have a quick objective look at how your website is performing.  We schedule a conference call with screen sharing so that you can see the raw SEO performance data and your basic SERP positioning.  This call should be with the person(s) who are responsible for the care and feeding of your website and set the goals that you have for your website.

This call will normally take from 30 to 60 minutes.  There is no charge for step one of our process.

Step 2, Define goals and first month tasks.

The result of the first step meeting is a basic set of suggestions, and a proposed initial and monthly budget.  You will receive a report showing your search results position for each of the key words and phrases discussed.  The report will also detail the initial steps that should be taken to improve your search result position.  It is common that the first month will have a larger task list than subsequent months.

If the initial and monthly budgets is acceptable to you, we have the bases to move forward.  Invite Them Home does not require any contract, or commitment for a set number of months.  Each month we will have a status update call and suggest strategy and proposed work and budget for the coming month.  When the proposed work and budget along with revisions are accepted then that plan will be implemented over the next 30 days.

Step 3, Monthly meeting for SEO performance and strategy updates.

Starting the second and following months of your SEO program with Invite Them Home you will receive a report showing the changes in your search results positioning and progress on your goals.  After you have received the report we will have a 15 to 30-minute screen share conference call where we will review that past month’s performance changes and set the tasks and budget for the coming 30 days.

The advantage of this process is that each month you will clearly see changes and can discuss new or changed goals and budgets.  You will always know what we are going to be doing during the coming month and how much it will cost you.  We will also review longer term trends on your websites SEO performance specifically looking at 90 and 360 days to see the effectiveness of the work being done, and to account for seasonal variations is traffic if that is the case for your organization.

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