SEM ad SEO work together
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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using PPC advertising to build your business

Are you interested in increasing your sales or brand visibility? Then, PPC advertising may be an ideal solution to jumpstart your marketing. Let us help you learn if search engine marketing will work for your organization. We provide a free no-obligation zoom session that will look at your potential ROI from running a PPC campaign.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) promotes products and services in search engines by paying for placement on the first few search results pages. SEM can jumpstart your digital marketing your most relevant keywords. While we always recommend starting your digital marketing with effective organic search optimization, SEM will quickly get you noticed. We will help you determine if PPC advertising will be profitable before we recommend setting up your SEM campaigns.

However, it pays to see if SEM pays for you. Therefore, whenever one of our clients asks about search engine marketing, we first look at the financial effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for their situation. If your goal in using PPC ads is to build sales, then you should first have the answers to the following questions:

• How many products does a new customer buy on average during their first year?
• What is the yearly gross profit from acquiring a new customer?
• What percentage of search visitors become customers?

Having answers to the questions above lets you know how much you can pay for each PPC search click and still make a profit. We will then use our tools to identify search terms with a PPC cost below the amount you can afford to pay. Then, if there are PPC opportunities, it is time to set up your PPC campaigns.

Invite Them Home will find the right keywords for you by looking at search and click volumes for the terms your customers and competitors use most often. Then, we help you select the best keywords to target, set an appropriate budget and cost per click bid, and target the geographic areas that will bring you the most business.

Invite Them Home’s search marketing experts will do the search engine advertising for you. We work with Google, and if appropriate, Bing and Yahoo to get your organization’s website ranked higher than your competitors in search results. Higher search result positioning (SERP) means more visibility for your product or service.

SEM ad SEO work together

We do more than help you buy ads on Google. Our responsibilities include:

• Choosing the appropriate keywords to target;
• Setting up and managing search ad campaigns;
• Integrating with other online promotional efforts; and
• Reporting campaign performance for analysis and tracking ROI.

Invite Them Home will help you set up an account with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Search Marketing as your needs require. The accounts will be your accounts which we feel is essential to give you long-term control over your digital marketing. While the ad accounts are yours, we do not abandon you once the initial setup is complete. Most of our clients choose to have bi-weekly or monthly zoom meetings. We discuss your ad performance during these meetings and share suggestions for the coming month’s search ad campaign.

Search Engine Marketing

We provide the research you need to target search keywords that provide the best opportunity for increased sales by selecting search terms that indicate buyer interest. High search volumes on search terms related to the search topic is the best indicator of buyers interested in using your product or service.

Conversely, we also watch the search phrases your searchers are clicking on to weed out low-value clicks. We do this with negative keyword lists that prevent your ad from showing in low-value search term results pages. Again, this saves you both ad spend dollars and potential labor you would use to follow up on poor-quality leads.

We also watch your back. For example, if we see indications of click fraud, such as the repeated use of specific search terms in quick succession, etc., we have tools such as ClickCease that will prevent most abuse and save you advertising dollars.

While SEM is a valuable tool, we do not neglect traditional on-page SEO in building your website’s visibility. We know that this is important because it helps search engines better understand the essence of what you do. The better search engines understand what you do, the better job they can do judging searchers’ intent and presenting your website as a solution to their problem or answer their question.

In summary, search engine marketing is a great way to promote products and services because search engines are used by millions of people daily for information about products and services. In today’s Internet-enabled world, search engine marketing may be essential for companies that want to increase their success within the marketplace.

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