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SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

Your website’s content needs to be captivating, easy to follow and relevant to your client base. If your content isn’t straightforward and informative, your audience will lose interest and continue their search elsewhere.

In order to prevent this from happening, we will create content that is effective for both your customers and the search engines they use. Invite Them Home will make each page of your site visually captivating, simple to navigate, and easy for a reader to skim. This will ensure visitors to your site will get the information they need quickly and be drawn to your company’s services.

Creating Content The Old Fashioned Way

Writing for the web (SEO Copyrighting) is not the same as writing for print. There are many differences and we help you create content that addresses those differences. We can improve the content you have, and if needed work with you to create new content that will be effective for both your human audience and search engines.

Here are some points that we keep in mind when we work on your content:
  • Put your most important information first. Let the visitor and search engine know what you do and what the page is about. Then if they are interested they will explore. This is called the inverted pyramid style of writing. Even if a visitor only reads the first couple of sentences they will have a good idea of what you are trying to say.
  • Treat your visitors as if they have Attention-Deficit Disorder! Your visitors will have two things in mind. First, does your web site offer what they are looking for? Second, can they find what they are looking for? You may have only ten or fifteen seconds to show them that you do have what they are looking for and that you will not make them work too hard to find it. Use well written and well presented content to make your web site easy to use.
  • Understand how users read web pages, they don’t! They scan the content looking for key words that attract a deeper look. No key words meaningful to them = click the back button and try somewhere else.
  • Treat every page as a “Home” page. You can expect your visitors to arrive at your site on any page. Ideally, they will arrive at a page that has the exact information they are seeking. However, they may not so all pages should have full navigation and let your visitor know the basics of what you are about
  • Make a good visual impression. While we are not web site designers, we do know that your site and pages should be visually appealing. Reduce clutter and make the pages easy to scan. Use high contrast and fonts and font sizes that are easy to read.
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