Invite Them Home SEO works with and for you to make your website attractive to search engines and your target audience(s).  Both of these areas of website performance are critical for your success, and your success is what drives us.

We start our work together by meeting with you personally, or via a shared screen conference call.  The goal of this call is to learn about your website goals, your organizations products and services, and your competitors.  This lets us establish a starting point.  In order to measure success we both need to know where you are, and where you want to go.

We then take a few minutes to discuss how well your website is currently performing. Using tools like MOZ and Semrush  you and I will briefly examine  your current website search results performance (SERP ranking) and your goals.  This also gives you a quick peek at some of our methodology, and the reports you can expect.

After our meeting we will identify opportunities to improve your search engine results performance and present a plan of action.  We will discuss the proposed plan of action and mutual expectations with you and set set up a schedule and budget that will move you towards your goals.

We will then monitor your sites performance using professional SEO tools to track changes in your websites search results placement.  On a bi-weekly or monthly schedule we will have a review meeting to set the next set of SEO priorities.

Please check out the pages in the menu below.  They will give you and idea of some of the tools and methods we use to bring you the results you expect.