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Content Targeting

Many websites have more than one target audience, and yours may be one. Does your website need to engage decision-makers and those who use or maintain your products? Many websites ignore or poorly serve one or more critical visitor audiences, failing to identify and help with all of their needs.

The solution is to identify your audience segments and understand their goals and pain points. Meeting the needs of a diverse audience can be quite a challenge. Invite Them Home SEO has the experience and resources to understand the needs of multiple audiences and can help you create content that engages with all of them.

Who is your website trying to reach? Do you have more than one audience? We will help every type of user find you with ease.

Your website may be relevant to multiple industries, or have a mix of direct and pass-through customers for your products and services. If this is the case, we can work with you to identify which types of visitors you are trying to reach and help you communicate effectively with each of them. In the process we will also discover the best SEO strategies to use against your competitors in each market.

In most cases we can utilize your existing website by writing content specifically targeting each audience and adjusting the menu so that each customer can find what they need. Sometimes it is helpful to have multiple websites that cater to different users. Your strategy will be customized to your types of visitors.

Our process will:

 ·Identify target audiences· Identify target audience content needs

· Identify words and phrases your target audience will search for

· Identify market competitors

· Develop SEO/Content strategy

· Add and adjust content to target market segment

· Add and adjust menu structure

Targeting your content to more than one audience on a single website can be challenging. However, when done correctly it can give you amazing results. We help you develop focused content that will get the right visitor to the right page. If a client lands on a page that is not ideal (i.e. right service but wrong vertical), we help provide clear navigation. The user will see that you serve their market and they will easily find your most relevant content.

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