Keyword research is “Key” to the SEO success of your content.  How do we do our keyword research and what are the goals?  The broad goal of course is to have content that search engines find compelling, visitors find informative, and that uses the words and phrases your audience uses when searching for your product or service.

That is a lot of work for the strings of characters we know of as words to perform.  Because it is a lot of work for the words in your content it will take effort to help them perform the best.  There are several strategies that we employ to get this right.  Here are some of the factors and concepts Invite Them Home uses as we do key word research.

  • Identify and quantify your target audience profile
  • Look at search volume for content words and phrases
  • Look at how much competition exists for the words and phrases
  • Look at your competitor’s content and analyze its use of key words and phrases
  • Look for key words and phrases that are specific and represent the best search “value”