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Would you like to be on page one of search results?

The best way to do this is to define what you do in a way the helps search engines answer the questions below.  A search engines goal is to answer the questions of their users.  Help them help you by clearly answering search questions .  We can help you do this by analyzing the questions that your visitors are asking.  Then we write content that will improve your search result positioning.

Look at the questions below.  Ask yourself if your website has the best answers for these four questions.

1.  What does your organization provide that solves searchers’ problems?

This is an opportunity for you to revisit your “elevator speech”.  Write a clear, brief message that communicates who you are and what you do.  Make sure that your message includes how you benefit your website visitor.  When you have the elevator speech written, place it front and center on your home page!

2. How does your website content answer searchers’ questions?

To answer searchers’ questions, you will need to know what the questions are. We get clues about those questions by looking at your search data. We also have tools that show keywords and phrases for your competitors. Knowing this lets us hone your website content.

3. What is the unique value that you provide?

Remember that elevator speech?  We know you make widgets or provide a service.  Let your visitor know why your widget or service is the best for them.  Let them know why they should stop searching and buy from you.

4. In what ways is the content on my website better than the content on my competitors?

By answering questions one to three you have established who you are and what you do.  You have built a compelling value proposition for your prospect.  Now turn your attention to your presentation.  Make your site easy to use, and pleasant to browse.  Present your content in an easy-to-read font and layout.  Do not assume every visitor has 20/20 vision.  Make your navigation easy to use.  Guide your visitor to more detailed information if needed.

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