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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Does Your Business Need A Blog?

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want an effective digital marketing strategy? Do you want to stay competitive in your industry? Do you want your business or organization to remain relevant? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must incorporate a blog into your marketing strategy. Whether you are experienced with blogs but want fresh ideas for site content or you’re starting a brand new blog, Invite Them Home has the skills and expertise to make your website stand out from the competition.

The Statistics:

• According to TechClient, having a business blog on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search by a whopping 434%.
Hubspot claims business owners that publish 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5 times more leads than those that publish 4 posts or fewer.
• Businesses with a blog get 97% more links to their websites.
• Businesses increase their overall website visitors by 55% when their site features a blog.
• Investing time and money into your blog increases your chance of profiting from your website by 13x.
59% of B2B marketing professionals say business blogs are the most useful way to bring traffic to a website.

How can blogging help your businesses or organization? 5 Reasons to Blog


1. It invites them home!

As we saw earlier, blogs increase website traffic by an average of 55%. That makes blogs one of the easiest and most cost-effective business strategies for getting people to your site. As small business owners know, increased web traffic means increased leads and sales, resulting in increased revenue. Blog posts allow you to cover a narrow subject in depth, which search engines and visitors love. Invite your prospects home to your website by sharing success stories, how-to articles, and other content designed to answer questions.

2. Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogs increase the chance of your website ranking higher with search engines by 434%. Blogging provides an incredible boost to your SEO performance, positioning you in a way that answers potential customers’ inquiries more quickly and accurately. Through thoughtful utilization of on-page tactics, blog posts help drive traffic and ranking by making it easier for your target clientele to find you through search engines like Google.

3. Builds credibility

Quality blog content can build credibility for your website and your brand. According to Forbes, having a blog post with valid statistics, expert sources, images and illustrations can increase customer confidence in your small business. Your blog also lets you portray your business, large or small, as a subject matter expert in your particular trade or industry by answering questions relevant to your market and offering customers practical advice.

4. Keeps current and potential customers engaged

By creating blogs tailored to customer queries, businesses can engage with their customers on a deeper level. Through long-form content that provides relevant and helpful information, brands can show customers they value them by listening to what they have to say, which encourages sharing experiences. This is an invaluable form of feedback for marketers who want to build loyalty amongst current consumers whilst designing new products according to detailed insights from those individuals.

5. Drives social media and email marketing campaigns

Blog posts give you accessible content to add to your social media marketing and email campaigns. Small business owners like you are often limited in time and resources. Invite Them Home will help you maximize your digital presence and increase sales opportunities by cross-posting content across platforms.

How do I start a business blog? What do you need from me?

According to Orbit Media, the average blog post length is 1,416 words, with the best small business blogs averaging 2,250 – 2,500 words a piece. This means a quality blog post can take about 4 hours to write! Add to it that small businesses that post 4 or more blog posts per week increase traffic 3.5x more than websites that post one or fewer weekly, and that may seem daunting for most small business owners. Thankfully, ITH is here to help! You know your own business more than anyone, and we know the ins and outs of business blogging. We will take care of the writing for you so you can focus on running your business while reaping the benefits of an effective small business blog.

Blog post length affecting success

• The Interview

We can gather information about your business by conducting an interview with you or your staff. Invite Them Home begins all of our customer relationships with extensive conversations to understand your company, your target audience, and your goals for the future of your business. Typically, these interviews last about an hour. After these initial interviews, we start brainstorming for interesting blog topics once we have a solid sense of your small business and what you do. Of course, the most effective type of content depends on the industry and the topics covered during our conversation.

• The Draft Optimization

Some of our customers have their own ideas and like to draft a blog post or two before we meet. You are most familiar with industry trends and your particular customer base, so you may be comfortable writing a rough draft or outline for a relevant blog post. Some clients have attempted to use AI resources like ChatGPT to develop a starting point for their blogs. This technology is still in its infancy, so many small business owners who have gone this route have found that what the AI produces needs to be edited quite extensively. Thankfully, we have the skills to take these raw sketches and polish them into beautiful business blog content.

• The Ground Up

Some small businesses don’t have the time or resources to conduct an interview or develop a draft blog post. That’s okay! This is especially common for a new or local business that relies on traditional advertising. Our copywriters will work to create blog posts and articles that are not only interesting but showcase what your small business does best. We will research your industry and develop a content strategy that will result in blog traffic and, ultimately, lead generation.

What steps should you take to start a small business blog?

    There are five primary considerations of a quality business blog. Your goal is to create content that will resonate with your target audience, and these steps will help..   Start by identifying your ideal customer. Who is your target market? This will influence your blog’s tone and the language we use when we write. For example, are your ideal customers experts in the industry or should we keep things simple? Conduct SEO research so you can provide quality information. This is our time to shine! Invite Them Home has cutting-edge research tools to ensure your blog posts have the best search engine optimization possible. Create a draft with compelling content. After you’ve done your research (or better yet, had Invite Them Home take care of the research for you!) and have a solid handle on the business trends in your industry. You will now have the inspiration for relevant blog content to draw in your target audience. Our copywriters are excellent at taking the seeds of a blog post and turning them into a flourishing product. Publish on your blog site and use optimization tools. Once you’ve written your long-form content that reflects the strengths of your small business, you’re ready to go live. We will help you with the publishing process and ensure your posts have competitive SEO to rank your website as high as possible on Google search. Promote by integrating social media marketing and email marketing to draw in more readers. Businesses that don’t publish and promote content miss out on a significant growth opportunity. The latest online purchasing statistics show that the best small business blogs are instrumental in business longevity. Not only can blogging help you generate leads, but it also enables you to strengthen relationships with prospects by providing useful educational material throughout their discovery journey of your product or service. As such, incorporating regular posting into your overall plan should be considered paramount for sustained success in the digital sphere.

What makes quality small business blog content?

    Evergreen content: If you want your business blog to remain successful over the long term, evergreen content is an important component of a comprehensive publishing strategy. Evergreen content will be relevant to current and future readers, no matter when they encounter your blog post. While it may be tempting to focus on posts that garner immediate attention – such as responding quickly to popular trends or breaking news in your industry – if these posts aren’t supported with solid foundational material like timeless articles and how-to guides, readers won’t continue visiting for the long haul. Quality headlines: For small business blogs, it’s essential to capture readers’ attention from the get-go with irresistible headlines. Your audience has a short attention span, so a headline can be more influential than what lies beneath. Don’t let a fantastic content piece go unseen due to bland headings! The headlines of your blog posts need to be eye-catching for maximum appeal. Readers are attracted to headings that offer useful tips, especially in a numbered listicle style. Effective and strategic keywords: If you want to drive significantly more traffic to your small business blog, SEO using effective keywords has to be a part of your strategy. Invite Them Home will take this off your hands! We will research small business trends in your industry using our professional SEO tools and utilize the right amount of keywords in the right ways to bring search traffic to your site. Think of keywords like spices; you need them to “flavor” your small business blog, but you don’t want to over-season and turn search engines away.

The Take Away


Your small business needs a blog. Period.

• Blogging is a powerful way of reaching and engaging with your audience • Business blogging is one of the top marketing strategies in 2023 • A quality blog post is one of the cheapest ways small businesses can up their digital marketing strategy • Long-form content (1500+ words) is the most successful and profitable type of blog post • Business blogs are key to attracting the right web traffic • Blogging is an essential part of lead generation and making more sales for small business owners Let us show you how Invite Them Home produces some of the best small business blogs out there with minimal burden to our customers. Contact us today and see why small business owners trust us with their content marketing!
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