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Your Free SEO Report

Get a free website SEO report and learn what you’re doing wrong – and how to fix it!

Your free SEO report will allow you to assess how well your website is performing compared to your competitor’s websites.  You’ll receive two things when requesting this analysis.

First, a PowerPoint presentation that displays six data pages on your website’s search engine optimization and an overview page for each of up to four competitors you shared with us.

Second, you will receive a 30 – 60 minute zoom call with you and your team.  During this no-obligation meeting, you will learn how to turn the insights in the report into actions that will improve your digital marketing. 

Already have an SEO consultant? No problem, you will have a second opinion that will reassure you, or you may find that you have to make changes in your digital marketing program.  Your report’s data will let you know which is the case for your website.

What information will you receive in your report?

We will use SEMRUSH and SERPSTAT to look at your and your competitor’s websites, and an actual human will create your reports and discuss them with you!   Download a sample report so see what you will get.

Note, for customer privacy, identifiable data in the sample report, and these images has been blacked out.  Of course, your report will show your data.

Data Slide 1:  This page is an overview of your website performance. 

It covers the following items:

  • Website Google top 20 keyword visibility (ordinarily blank)
  • Your Estimated Search Traffic
  • The number of top 100 keywords
  • The number of your paid keywords if any
  • Your top 5 keywords ranked by traffic
  • Your Keyword rank distribution
  • A list of your subdomains if any.

This data gives you a high-level look at how well your site is doing.  Since we do not have access to your Google Analytics, the report shows estimates; however, they will provide helpful insights into your website’s SEO performance.

Note that we will also run this report on up to 4 competitors you have listed in your free SEO report request.

Serpstat overview report
Serpstate Report section 2

Data Slide 2: This slide shows the trends over the last year.

Data on these key performance metrics:

  • Your traffic trends
  • Your keyword trends

The trend graphs will let you know if your strategy needs to be updated or doing well.  For example, even if you show increased search term listing and traffic, it may be time to update your digital marketing strategy if the growth rates are not meeting your goals.

Serpstat slide 3

Data Slide 3:  A listing of your ten most popular web pages.

The list may surprise you; in many cases, you will find that your top ten include blog posts or other content that treats a narrow subject in depth.  Detailed coverage of a well-defined subject is one of the suggestions we often make to our customers.  Ideally, content pages should cover a defined topic in-depth as that is more likely to provide the answers or information that motivated your visitor’s search.

Organic Competitors list

Data Slide 4:  Your top ten competitors in organic search.

You may be surprised at the domains that appear in this SERPSTAT report.  If you do not see the competitors, you expect it could be for one of two reasons. Best case: your competitors are not doing a good job using the correct keywords in their content. Worst case: you are not using the right keywords in your content. 

During your free Zoom consult, we will look at the competitors in the list and see there are problems you will want to address. For example, if everyone else in your industry is selling refrigerators and you are selling “residential food cooling units,” then you have a problem you need to fix.  We can help you determine if that is the case and provide guidance to correct the issue.


SEMRUSH site audit

Data slide 5: SEMRUSH technical website audit.

Your technical website audit looks at more than 100 factors that affect your visitor’s user experience. As importantly, it also gives an insight into how well search engines crawl and understand your website and its content.

We will give you a detailed report on every error, warning, and notice when we have our zoom session.  Many of these you may be able to address yourself.  Examples of items you will be able to fix are broken internal and external links, mixed HTTP and HTTPS content, and things that may have arisen over time as you have added and updated website content.  Other items may require expert help but are nonetheless essential to address if possible.


Top Keywords slide

Data Slide 6:  Your Top 15 keywords.

Your top SERP (Search Engine Results Page) keyword rankings give you essential clues about how your search visitors find your website and its content. However, the report will also expose problems you may have, such as overreliance on branded keywords.  While it is wonderful that your company name appears in your keywords, those searchers already know about you.  Ideally, in our opinion, if more than 40 percent of your search terms are branded, then you are missing out on substantial opportunities to attract new customers who are unaware of your products or services.

If you request it during your free Zoom call, we will create and send you a complete list of your top 100 position keywords in a spreadsheet. 

We believe that you will find actionable insights from the report and consultation that will help your website meet your digital marketing goals.  While we hope that some of those who take advantage of the free report and meeting then use our services, you are in no way obligated to do so. However, we are happy to have the opportunity to meet you and share our SEO ideas and philosophy regardless of the outcome.

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