One of the keys to search position (SERP) success, the heart of SEO, is to fully understand your target audience.  An accurate understanding of your audience will let you target the words and images you use to their “culture”.  Not only will that improve your search engine results position on the search phrases they are likely to use, but your messaging will also focus on what is important to them.  At Invite Them Home the process of gaining an understanding of your web sites target audience is part of our “big picture” SEO process.  Understanding your target audience is important for on page and off page SEO success.  Some of the aspects of the process is to know the answers to the following questions and adjust your content and presentation to address this knowledge.

  • Understand target audience culture, who are they?
  • Understand target audience vocabulary.
  • Understand target audience needs.
  • What is your audience asking?
  • What does your audience understand?
  • What is important to your audience?
  • How does your audience view your product or service?

Understanding your audience means that the vocabulary, imaging, and focus of your content hits the bulls eye of your customer target.  I have found that it is common for web site content to not correctly focus on what is important to their customers.  For example, do they care about cost, technology, quick shipping, support?   I remember reading a retail marketing book years ago written by Lewis Kornfeld titled “To Catch a Mouse Make a Noise like a Cheese”.  The same concept that he used in electronics retail increases SEO success.