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Competitor SERP Monitoring

How well do you know your enemies? If you are not keeping a close eye on the competition in your market, they may be outranking you on Google. This means lost business for your company.

Monitoring your competitor SERP will prevent this by making sure your site stays among the top results on an internet search. Invite Them Home tracks 3-5 of your biggest rivals on a weekly basis and adjusts your SEO tactics to remain competitive. We have tools to see what key words and phrases others in your industry are using and apply them strategically. Making your site more visible will draw in more traffic and help move your business forward.

A winning website needs to compete for a high position on a search result. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu showed the importance of knowing your enemy. Successful SEO and SERP strategies also depend on knowing your enemy – your competitors.

Invite Them Home monitors your biggest competition so that you can adjust content, find opportunities, and respond to their content and strategy changes quickly. The goal of an SEO campaign is not to try to be #1 on Google, but to help your website outrank others in your market.

How do we do this?

· We suggest tracking the position of 3-5 of your biggest rivals. The number of competitors you track will depend on your industry and needs.

· We have tools to compare your SERP position with your competitors for key words and phrases needed for your website and organization to succeed. This list can often number in the hundreds and can be tracked both locally and nationwide.

· We analyze your SERP position against your competition every week and use this information to adjust your SEO strategy. Each week we can see who moved up and who moved down in position from the week before. This data can be emailed to you for your top 3 competitors.

An added benefit of tracking your opponents’ search results is that you can find new search keywords. We look at all the keywords that are used to find your competitors, and if they are relevant to you, they can be added to your campaign. This is yet another way to make sure you stay competitive in your overall SEO program.

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