A winning web site needs to effectively compete for search results positioning.  In The Art of War Sun Tzu noted the importance of knowing your enemy.  Effective SEO and SERP strategies also depend on knowing your enemy, your competitors.

Invite Them Home monitors your key competitors so that you can adjust content, find opportunities, and react to their content and strategy changes in a timely fashion.  The most effective goal in an SEO campaign is not to try and be number one on Google, but to make sure that links to your web site content is shown above or with those of your competitors.   With this goal in mind we suggest tracking the SERP positioning of three to five of your competitors.  The number of competitors that you track will depend on your industry and needs.

We use tools that compare your SERP position with your competitors for the key words and phrases that are important to the success of your website and organization.  This list of key words and phrases will often number in the hundreds and can be tracked locally and nationally.

We analyse the relative position of your SERP appearances relative to your competitors on a weekly basis and use this information to adjust your SEO strategy.  Each week we can see who has moved up, and who has moved down in position from the week before (this data can also be emailed to you for the top 3 competitors).

An additional benefit of monitoring your competitors search results is that you can discover new search keywords.  We look at all of the keywords that are used to find your competitors, and if you market in those areas they can be added to your campaign.  This is yet another way to make sure you remain competitive in your overall SEO program.