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    Invite Them Home SEO Solutions is a digital marketing agency based in Wisconsin’s Metro Milwaukee area and serves customers nationwide.  As principal, Herb Guenther brings more than 25 years of Internet industry experience to the table.  Our specialties are SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, and website UI and architecture.   

    Our customers rely on us to do the deep market and competitor research needed to create and execute an effective digital marketing strategy.  Herb does the primary research and strategy development and bi-weekly or monthly zoom meetings.  Your regular meetings feature status reporting on your digital marketing campaign, competitor insights, and discussions of the following tasks.  Then a team of copywriters, graphic developers, and marketing professionals work together to help you meet your online marketing goals.

    While we can serve any industry or organization, many of our customers are in the financial, technology, health care, or construction industries.  We are not a “retainer” based agency but rather bill monthly for the actual work and meetings we have delivered.  Much of our work is for marketing or branding agencies at negotiated rates.   Depending on the service, direct customers are billed $50 to $125 per hour.  For example, copywriting will be less expensive than SEO strategy development.   A typical customer will spend $500 – $1500 per month.

    Our Services

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research uncovers the best words and phrases to use to attract and engage your target audience
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    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing takes advantage of data from search volumes, click-through rates, and the content of your competitors to write the most effective digital content.
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    Competitor Monitoring

    Your website and other digital properties do not exist in a vacuum.  A thought understanding of the actions and performance of your online competitors allows you to quickly react to their changes. 
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    Technical SEO

    A key to success, website technical SEO Audits.  A technical SEO site audit will quickly find common errors that you can correct to improve the performance of your website.
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    Search Engine Marketing

    Launching a new website, product, or service?  Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) might be a way to quickly attract visitors in competitive markets.

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    YouTube channel Optimizing

    Did you know that YouTube search is the number 2 search engine in the US?  YouTube is a premier source of “How do I”  information.  It is a great place to tell your story and provide product support.  Let us help you make the most of your content.

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    Search Performance Monitoring

    We will let you know how your search results compare to your competitors and your historical levels.  Monitoring is key to managing your SEO strategy.

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    Blogging Content

    Fresh and topical blog content is a key to attracting search engine notice.  Blog content is key to covering narrow topics deeply.  Search engines and visitors love that!  We can help.
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    Social Media Marketing

    A solid social media presence is vital to most businesses.  It is also important to know where you should be, as well as where your competitors are.  We use social listening and other tools to help you optimize your social media presence.

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    You can start for free!

    We are happy to provide a free website SEO audit to anyone who asks. Get started by Contacting Us or giving us a call at (262)373-8700

    We will use keyword and competitor analytics to show you how we can increase your website’s effectiveness. This no obligation analysis will show you actionable steps that will improve your website’s performance.

    Invite Them Home SEO Solutions is a search engine optimization consulting firm located in New Berlin, Wisconsin serving customers in Wisconsin and around US. Our team consists of Herb Guenther a seasoned Internet & SEO professional, as well as partner professionals Karen Little and Ellen Vander Heyden

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      Our Client Reviews

      Tabitha Sani

      Invite Them Home has given phenomenal attention to our goals and needs. Their insight and knowledge of the trends and technical requirements for SEO strategy in the industry have given us a leg up, boosting our search results 50-200% across two different domains. On the personal side, we really enjoy working with Herb and his team. His great personality and enjoyable, down-to-earth meetings help make a somewhat tedious task fun! Thank you so much!

      Tabitha Sani

      Director of Sales and Marketing / Play Mart, Inc. and Nature of Early Play, Inc.

      Ali Abdel

      Our experience with Invite Them Home SEO Services has been fantastic these past two years. Herb is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his client base. His responses are prompt and timelines are always met. We will continue to leverage Invite Them Home services for all our upcoming projects and we strongly recommend them.

      Ali Abdel

      Director – Technology & Co-Director R&D Connected Technology Solutions

      Steve Reske

      Herb is knowledgeable, resourceful and has a broad set of experiences that make him especially effective in the areas of SEO strategy and execution. Additionally, and as important, he brings humility, humor and no agendas to his work. In a world of puffed-up digital marketing specialists, Herb is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

      Steve Reske


      Jennifer Hruz

      Herb is excellent! He helps manage my business, VIVA Wellness’ SEO and other strategic planning. I have had other marketing/SEO firms in the past, and Herb by far, is the best! I have grown my business tremendously with his help and am very well optimized in a competitive market. Thanks Herb for all your help! I look forward to further growth!! 🙂


      Jennifer Hruz

      Owner, FNP-BC, APNP NURSE PRACTITIONER Viva Wellness

      Judith Placzkowski

      I have worked with Herb Guenther for over 25 years across the various IT and web based needs I have had. Herb’s service has always been excellent. His expertise and technological knowledge have surpassed my expectations and have always met my needs. He communicates in a personable manner with a concern for the outcome of the project that is understandable to me as his client.

      Judith Placzkowski

      IT Support / Development / Webmaster Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.

      Ellen Vander Heyden

      What can I say about Invite Them Home SEO Services? Absolutely the best!

      As I tell my clients, ‘if you build it, they will come’ only works for Iowa corn field baseball diamonds–not websites. Seriously, getting the right prospects to your website takes thought, understanding, analysis, flexibility, insight, experience, and creativity. You may have the best website around. But if no one finds it, your business won’t improve.

      Unlike some SEO services who you pay each month and never quite understand what they are doing or even if it’s working. Invite Them Home SEO Services is great to work with and they deliver! They work with you understand your business and your goals, then develop search engine marketing campaigns that work.

      Invite Them Home SEO will monitor your campaign, walk you through reporting, make adjustments and refinements where necessary and ultimately help to improve your business and your bottom line.

      Ellen Vander Heyden

      Owner of EVH Marketing

      Scott Seroka

      Herb is one of the most valuable partners we’ve ever worked with at Seroka. Aside from his depth and breadth of knowledge is areas such as SEO and digital marketing strategies, Herb represents everything we value in a professional relationship. He is responsive, articulate, always eager to help, and has a knack for finding solutions to complex problems. Most importantly, I know I can always count on him. I would recommend Herb to anyone who needs a reliable and honorable partner to improve and elevate their digital presence.

      Scott Seroka

      Principal | Chief Brand Strategist

      Becky Benishek

      Herb is a sheer joy to work with. He freely shares his considerable acumen and insight, helping you take your content and products from words and ideas on a scratchpad to pages and designs that get noticed. As you gain in confidence and skill, he’s at your side to provide the feedback and analytics you need to get you where you want to go. I would love to work with Herb again!

      Becky Benishek

      Online Community Manager The Kern Family Foundation

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      Unleash the Power of AI and NLP for Digital MarketingFebruary 27, 2023

      We recognize that digital marketing for small businesses starts with getting to know the client. This requires more than just surface-level understanding. Invite Them Home begins every client relationship with extensive conversations to understand the company, its customer base, and its goals for the future.

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      Tools We Use

      Our Certifications

      The fields of SEO and Digital Marketing are complex and changing.  We feel that you have to have both effective toolsets and skills to do a good job.  As you can see in the slider above, we use the leading tools to deliver the data needed to guide your Digital Marketing strategy.

      However, you also have to have the skills to understand and utilize the data for it to be effective.  So, we spend time getting training and evaluating our skills.

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