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Search Position Monitoring

How does your website rank among your competitors on an internet search? Results change daily, and if you don’t know this information, your site could easily be overlooked by search engines. This means potential customers may not be able to find you. 

When you monitor your site’s position on a regular basis, it enables you to make adjustments when necessary to place your site among the top results. Invite Them Home will help track your ranking among your competitors so that you can react quickly if your position drops. Your company will rank as highly as possible when potential customers search for your services.

Search engine results pages are dynamic and change from day to day, location to location, and device to device.  Tracking your SERP position on the words and phrases you care about is an important step in your SEO success.  Without an understanding of where you are, it is hard to plot a course to where you want to be.  Invite Them Home actively monitors changes in your positioning as well as changes in your competitor’s results positioning.

One of the most important contributors to your website’s success is your site’s relative position compared to that of your competitors.   Most web site owners do not have the resources, knowledge, or time to track this.  Invite Them Home does, and even our most basic levels of SEO consulting include tracking and reporting this important data to you.  In addition, we will work with you to understand the mix of devices that your audience uses. If you have a significant percentage of visitors using mobile devices, and most sites do, we will track both your desktop and mobile results.

Accurate understanding of your results positioning trends and that of your competitors allow you to react quickly to solve problems.  As part of this process you will tell us who your most important competitors are.  Generally, this will be two or three organizations.  We will then track the relative placement of your key words and phrases, either locally or nationally whichever is most appropriate to you.  This ongoing insight is then used as one of the aspects driving your SEO strategy.  We then work collaboratively with you week by week and month by month to execute your strategy to make your website as effective as it can be.

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