Example of a semrush technical SEO audit overview report
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Technical SEO Audits

A key to success, website technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit is crucial to building a successful digital marketing campaign for your website. Because it is nearly impossible to perform a comprehensive site audit manually, we use technical SEO audit tools from vendors like SEMRUSH, SERPSTAT, MOZ, Ubersuggest, or others. In simple terms, a technical SEO audit searches for and identifies the locations of technical errors in your website content.

The image to the right is a sample SEMRUSH technical SEO report.  This report shows the overview of a well optimized website.  Lets look at some of the most important technical errors that could be costing you search visits and visitor engagement.

Example of a semrush technical SEO audit overview report

Let’s look at some of the most important factors we look for and correct when running an SEO audit.   The site audit will uncover errors in your website’s coding and content.  Some of the technical errors discovered are as important as others.

Some of the items relate to factors that may affect page load speed but have no direct impact on your user experience or search results performance.   At the same time some, like broken links, directly affect the user experience and other factors, for example, missing meta descriptions can and do affect your search performance as they affect your click-through rate.

Technical SEO Site health graph from SEEMRUSH

Website Health Score

The graph to the right shows an overview score of your website’s technical health.  While it is not unusual for us to start work on sites with a health score of 75 or lower (we have seen scores in the 60s), the goal is to maintain a score of 90 or above.

According to SEMRUSH, websites performing in the top 10% have an average score of 92%.  Having a high technical health score will not in itself place you in the top 10%; it will remove barriers that make it more difficult for your website to outperform your competitors.

Your site health score is a quick way to track how well your site content and linking structure perform.  We include this score in your monthly or quarterly SEO report for that reason.


Website Crawlability ireport image

Website Crawlability

Your website crawlability score should always be 100%  The crawlability score looks at several items:

  • Website menu structure
  • Internal page to page links
  • Your sitemap.xml file used by search engines.
  • Orphaned pages that appear in the sitemap but not in any menu or internal link.
https score from technical seo report


Your website’s https score is a critical element in your site’s performance.  If you have a score of less than 100% it means that you are referencing non-secure resources in your website content or menu.  This is a common error that is easy to make as you are adding content to your website.  All it takes is entering HTTP vs HTTPS in a page or image link.

However, these errors can trigger a security alert on your visitor’s browser.  That tells them that they are “not safe here”.  Of course that is not the message that we want to send to the visitors you have worked so hard to attract.


These are just a few of the nearly 100 factors that are in a full technical SEO audit report.  In many cases fixing them is low-hanging fruit and some of the first work that we do.   Sometimes we will work with you to correct items like missing alt content for images as your subject matter experts may be the best equipped to add them.  Other items require technical know-how and we are happy to fix the items for you.

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