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Self-Driving Copywriting: How We Make Content Creation Easy! 

You have the knowledge. You have the experience. You have the satisfied customers. It’s fastest and easiest for you to create content for your own website, right?

Wrong! Your extensive skills and knowledge make you great at your job, but unless you are a professional copywriter trained in SEO, you don’t know how to write website content that drives your business where you want it to go in 2024. 

At Invite Them Home, we’re the “self-driving cars” of SEO copywriting. You get in the driver’s seat, but we do all the work to get you to your destination. We take on the burden of copywriting with a straightforward and effortless content creation process so you can save your time and energy for running your business.

If you’re worried your web content might crash and burn if you put it in our hands, let’s take the mystery out of how we work:

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Self-Driving Content Step-by-Step:

Whether it’s compelling copy for your website, SEO-friendly product descriptions to boost your rankings, concise yet impactful social media campaigns, or blog posts that establish you as an industry authority – we can do it all.

We understand the importance of effectively portraying your expertise to both potential customers and search engines. Let us walk you through each leg of the content writing road trip with Invite Them Home:

#1 – Hop in the car

Before we hit the road, we want to learn a few key details about your company. We call this phase the “meet and greet.” Discovering your business goals and challenges is our first step in getting to know each other. First, we’ll ask for some basics:

  • Your website’s URL and those of three to five of your closest competitors.
  • A list of important search words and phrases for your organization; while we will also research this, we appreciate your input.
  • Your service area (national, local, or regional) to accurately track your competitive position.
  • Access to your Google Analytics and Search Console.

This information allows us to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and research using top SEO tools like SEMRUSH, SERPSTAT, and SE Ranking.

Once your organization is set up in our SEO tools, we give them a few days to track and gather information. This valuable data allows us to objectively assess your website’s performance. We will then schedule a screen-sharing conference call at your convenience, where we will present your raw SEO performance data and search engine positioning.

We recommend involving anyone on your team responsible for your website’s care, content, and goals. This call typically lasts 30-60 minutes to review the reports and address all of your questions.

There is no cost or obligation for our initial meeting. Consider this the test drive!

#2 – We drive through your industry’s neighborhood

You may be skeptical that we can write intelligently about your industry, understandably so! We have mortgage lenders, financial services companies, eye doctors, roofers, wellness clinics, and jewelers as clients, but you are a metal fabricator. How can we possibly be experts in it all?

While we will never match your level of industry prowess, our top-of-the-line research tools allow us to “drive through your industry’s neighborhood” and get a feel of the road. Not only will we gather valuable knowledge about what your business does, but we’ll also learn how you compare to your competitors. We use competitor research to make sure you’re keeping up with the Joneses so you’re not losing any of your target audience to similar companies.

With this information, we can develop a full content-writing strategy. This includes what type of website and social media content you need, where it should be posted, and how frequently you should post new material.

#3 – We charge up your existing content

If you are an established business, you likely already have a website with some amount of written content. We don’t necessarily have to scrap it all. Often, we can take your existing website content and charge it up for search engine optimization (SEO).

We run your existing web pages through the same SEO tools and adjust the content accordingly to maximize its performance. Whether your content needs a small tune-up or is completely totaled, we will handle it all!

As we identify shortfalls in your content, we interview your subject matter experts via recorded Zoom meetings. We have done hundreds of these interviews and are skilled in getting the information needed to create or update your content and efficiently use your staff’s time.

#4 – Ride with us to your destination

At Invite Them Home, we believe in getting to know your business inside and out. That includes your business’s origin story, your strengths, successful projects you’ve done in the past, and the needs of all of your website and social media personas.

We use this information to bring your brand to life by giving it a personality that reflects its mission and values. A storytelling content strategy ensures a cohesive narrative across all content types, showcasing the value of your products or services through case studies and customer testimonials. When developing content, we consider how each piece contributes to your brand story and emotionally connects with your audience.

All we will ask of you are brief interviews where we’ll ask you to describe the product, service, or project in question. We will ask strategic questions, allowing us to discover what is unique about the project, product, or service being promoted. We put on your “customer hat” and address their questions and pain points. In the case of a project or application success story, we address what obstacles you overcame and how the project showcases your company’s strengths. Our copywriters will work with whatever information you can provide us, including relevant pictures and documents, when applicable.


#5 – We post new content to its final destination

It’s time to post after we write content that resonates with you, your target audience, and search engines. This may seem like the easy part, but you’d be shocked how much perfectly good content is sitting unused at the content “body shop” because it never got posted! We make sure your new content goes places by publishing your website and blog content for you. Of course, no changes to your website will ever be made without your full approval. Remember, ultimately, you’re in the driver’s seat!

Photo Albums From Successful ITH Road Trips

Fun Road Trip
To get a better visual about how our self-driving website content works in real life, take a look at some of previous clients:

Storm Damage Specialists

SDS is an outstanding roofing company located in Tucson, AZ. They are excellent at all things commercial roofing, from installation to storm damage repair. They came to us with some great content ideas, but like most of our clients, they didn’t have the time or resources to write SEO-friendly content.

For example, this past summer, SDS knew they wanted to publish an article about preparing your roof for Arizona’s notorious monsoon season. They had the expertise and experience; plenty of previous customers had roof damage after the strong rains and winds of a monsoon. That’s all we needed to know, so we took the wheel.

SDS started the ignition with this great idea, and we drove it home by conducting extensive research into the topic. Our copywriters gathered statistics and other information from reliable sources and put it together in a blog post that is easy to understand for their audience to understand. Not only does it provide their target market with valuable information that ties into their services, but it also helps boost their SEO rankings against their competitors.

Meyer Builders

Meyer Builders is a great example of “success story” writing. These custom home builders have many incredible projects to showcase, but like SDS, they’re too busy doing what they do best – designing houses! – to craft them into compelling content. Again, ITH was there to take the wheel.

Each success story/case study began with a Zoom video interview at a time that best accommodated their busy schedule. Just like Meyer, we know your clients are your priority, and your time is limited. We strive to be flexible and meet at a convenient time for you and your team.

We discuss several of their recent projects with Meyer Builders in the same meeting. This meant one interview turned into multiple blog posts/articles for their website. We wrote the narrative “success story” with each project while tying it into a broader theme that would resonate with their target customers. For instance, one of their larger home builds turned into an article about luxury home building, while another family’s story turned into an article about changing the original plan during a new home construction project.

Put the Pedal to the Metal, Win the Race to Great Website Content

Get ready to supercharge your brand’s content strategy with Invite Them Home! We are your one-stop shop to create incredible and effective content. When you connect with our team, we’ll set you up with the works:
  • Creating impactful content marketing campaigns
  • Conducting market research to uncover industry trends, topic clusters, and keyword strategies
  • Developing a content calendar for strategic planning
  • Crafting diverse content: blogs, social media posts, landing pages, educational content, and more!
  • Optimizing all website content for maximum visibility on search engines
  • Implementing a targeted social media strategy, if applicable
  • Tracking and measuring results to ensure the effectiveness of our content marketing strategies

How much does it cost?

While we cannot give an accurate price that will cover every situation, we have found that most of the articles we write are in the range of 1750-2500 words. Yes, we know, that is a lot of words! However, they are needed to address the multiple questions and information your target audience seeks. As you have undoubtedly seen, Google, Bing, et al. now take visitors directly to the web page section that interests them. The typical interview, research, writing, review, and posting process costs about $600. Most of our clients choose to have us collaborate on creating and posting one article a month for their website. In some cases, we have suggested two per month for several months if your website is underperforming your competitors.

If appropriate, we suggest creating social media posts for each article to broaden their visibility. Custom graphic social media posts usually cost about $100 per article depending on how many social media platforms you use in your marketing communications.

Web page content is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools, and its importance continues to increase. While you can spend countless hours reading about how to write website content, you will only end up burnt out, frustrated, and struggling to keep up. Let our experienced team at Invite Them Home drive your content writing strategy so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to a great ROI!

Whether you need blog writing, a content audit, or assistance developing an overall content marketing plan, we’re here. Schedule a no-obligation consultation at your convenience and discover how our content writing services can help you achieve business goals you never thought possible. Contact us today for a content-writing joy ride!

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