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Terms and Conditions


The SEO service is not guaranteed, but will be performed to the best of Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home’s knowledge and ability;

You agree to give Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home the following access and that should such access not be granted, Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home will not be held responsible for meeting any agreed upon targets;

  • You grant authority to submit the website pages being promoted to search engines and directories.
  • Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home will have the ability to optimize the structure and content of clients’ web pages. Such changes generally have a minimal visual impact. Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home will work directly with You in order to maintain the original look and feel of your website.
  • The client must provide Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home with log-on information (username and password) to gain access to your Content Management System (CMS) and FTP as needed to perform SEO services to the website. Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home will maintain confidentiality of log-in information according to Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home’s privacy policy.
  • Client must provide access to web server log files and other analytic data such as Google Analytics for effective SEO service delivery.  Some of the tools that will be used to optimize clients site will integrate with this data.
  • You must inform webmasters or anyone else who has access to the Website that Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home is performing SEO services on the site.
  • You must allow implementation of all agreed upon optimization strategies on their website.
  • From time to time plugins or CMS extensions my be suggested or required.  The one time and recurring costs of these products will be disclosed and will be the responsibility of the website owner. 
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your website is always active and accessible.


Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, the total liability of Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home and its employees and consultants,  for all losses, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorneys fees, shall not exceed the aggregate amount paid to Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home in the previous 12 months under this Agreement, regardless of the legal theory under which such liability is imposed.

With respect to Services rendered by Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home in the United States of America, this Agreement will be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the state of Wisconsin and all disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement will be brought exclusively in the courts located in the state of Wisconsin; provided, however, that neither party will be prevented from enforcing any related judgment against the other party in any other jurisdiction.

Some jurisdictions do not allow excluding or limiting implied warranties or limiting liability for incidental or consequential damages, and some jurisdictions have special statutory consumer protection provisions which may supersede the foregoing disclaimers and limitations. As a result, these disclaimers and/or limitations may not apply to you if prohibited by law.


Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home reserves the right to change the terms of service. A revised Terms of Service will be posted at least 10 business days prior to its effective date. Your continued use of products and services provided by Herbert Guenther DBA Invite Them Home following the posting of changes to these terms will constitute acceptance of these changes.

Revised 1/8/2019

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