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Invite Them Home is proud to serve small businesses across a spectrum of industries, from roofs and countertops to patriotic metal art. One of our valued customers is Nature of Early Play/Play Mart, a playground company based out of Kentucky. This family-owned business is dedicated to using sustainable materials to create safe and enjoyable playgrounds for kids across the nation. Our friends at Nature of Early Play are too busy worrying about what they do best – play! – to worry about their online presence. In the year 2022, however, you can’t be a successful, growing business without effective content marketing. This is why Nature of Early Play reached out to us to give their already growing business an online boost.

We recognize that digital marketing for small businesses starts with getting to know the client. This requires more than just surface-level understanding. Invite Them Home begins every client relationship with extensive conversations to understand the company, its customer base, and its goals for the future. When we first met with Rebecca, one of the owners of NEP, we asked her to share what her company is all about. This is when we learned about the primary principles that drive their company. They break their values into three categories: the product, the employee and work environment, and the increase. Their product goal is to create top-of-the-line, sustainable, and affordable play equipment that provides children with a safe and creative place to learn and grow. For their employees, it was important to provide a safe place to use their talents and abilities to thrive in their careers. “The increase” meant that profits were to be reinvested in the company, its employees, and the greater community. These are values that our team at Invite Them Home was excited to utilize as we built their online business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing campaign. Our initial interview with our clients like Rebecca from Nature of Early Play usually lasts around an hour, but continuous communication is essential throughout the entire process. Part of providing excellent service to our customers is making sure they are fully informed every step of the way.

The next step to build our customer’s Google ad campaign and general online visibility is to create web content. After these initial interviews, once we have a sense of the company and what they do, we start brainstorming content for their website. The most effective type of content depends on the industry. In the case of Nature of Early Play, we learned that the majority of their customer base stems from school districts, daycares, community centers, and parks. Since the playground industry is large with a lot of variety and competition, we needed to narrow down what their client base would be searching for to make our content relevant. One thing that sets NEP apart is their dedication to sustainable materials, which is not only important for the environment, but provides the additional benefit of being lower-maintenance and longer-lasting. This means that potential customers can save money over time by avoiding frequent repairs and replacing equipment, and they can have peace of mind that their equipment meets national safety standards. Children love the innovative, creative designs of NEP products, and adults love the practicality and dependability behind it all. These are qualities we want potential customers to easily recognize as they search for their perfect playground.

Our copywriters got to work creating blog posts and articles that are not only interesting but showcased the fantastic products available through Nature of Early Play. For instance, we wrote a fascinating article on playgrounds and social development that appeals to teachers and administrators. We also developed a variety of blog posts, highlighting recent happenings in the company (like a ribbon-cutting for a playground donated to Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center) with plenty of featured product posts (see Fossil Steppers and Belly Swings) in the mix. For any of our clients, we keep potential customers in mind when writing for content marketing. We utilize our professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to help us create content that will draw customers in and lead to business growth.

Successful SEO is a result of hard work and research into the industry and customer search habits. In the case of Nature of Early Play, people search for playground equipment with certain preferences in mind. Many schools and childcare facilities prioritize safety and accessibility while also considering the size, age range, and theme of the products. Using this information, Invite Them Home used our professional tools to research the competition and find out what key words and phrases other companies use to draw in their clients. We then edit our content so that it seamlessly incorporates these keywords. This makes it easier for Google and other search engines to find the NEP website when potential clients are making a relevant search. The research and content development for small business digital marketing often seems daunting for our clients. Invite Them Home takes this burden off of our clients. Our customers see how dedicated we are to getting to know their company and customers inside and out, so they trust that the content we deliver will be high-quality and aligned with company values.

After we built up their digital marketing campaign with meaningful blog posts and articles, Nature of Early Play saw their web traffic start to grow. Their site now ranks significantly higher on Google with the targeted keywords, which means they are reaching their target market more effectively. More relevant web traffic results in more solid customer leads and ultimately business growth. The team at NEP learned that successful small-business marketing cannot be accomplished without a strong digital marketing strategy. They were excited to see a noticeable return on their investment and we continue to work with them to add new, engaging content to their website. At Invite Them Home, we want you as our client to focus on what you do best – running your company – while we worry about creating an online presence that moves your business forward. Contact us and become our next success story!

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